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Related article: Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006 13:04:30 -0800 (PST)
From: James Wade
Subject: Face-The-Music 10This story contains gay teens in sexual situations, if you're not old
enough to be here than leave.This story is fictional, and it is a coincidence if you see yourself or
anyone you know in here.Face-The-Music Chapter 10By Jamie WadeI went to bed around midnight. My dad still hadn't got home, and both my
mom and me were worried about him. I just don't understand what happened. I
never thought that he would hate me when he found out I was gay, I felt
terrible. If I had never told my dad this, he would still 16 yo lolita nude love little wet lolita pussy
me. I awoke
around 1 a.m., and heard my parents arguing. My dad must have gotten home
when I was asleep. I couldn't hear what they were arguing about, but I knew
it was about me. Then I heard my mom go to their room, and slam the door
shut. Then I heard my door open, so I pretended to be asleep. I felt
someone sit on my bed. I knew it was my father; I really didn't want to
talk to him."Son, are you awake?" I didn't say anything, "Son, wake up?" I guess I
didn't have a choice, he wasn't going away."Yeah dad, I'm up.""Son, listen, I know that your upset with me, but I need you to listen to
me.""Yeah, I am upset. Don't you love me anymore dad? I mean I'm gay, and I
can't change that. I didn't ask to be this way, I just am. There's nothing
I can do to change it, so you're just going to have to accept it.""Son, I know, and I do love you. I don't have a problem with you being
gay.""What! Than why did you storm out of the house?""Son, there are some things that you should know about your uncle
Heath. You see, he was gay. I remember the day he came out to me, my little
brother, telling me that he was gay. I just couldn't believe it. He came to
this realization probably I little too late in life, when he was in his
late 20's. He had been in the air force a while, and wasn't planning on
quitting. Once he told me, I didn't believe him, and told him he was a
liar. He got upset, and told me that he hated me. Then he went off and got
killed in an airplane accident. I never got to tell him that I 16 yo lolita nude was ok with
him being gay. It just shocked me when he told me, cause he seemed to be
interested in girls when we were younger. After his death, I was extremely
depressed, and your mom helped me out through the entire period. So when
you told me that you were gay, it brought back all those memories about my
brother. I'm sorry if I led you to believe that I hated you. That's why
your mother is angry with me, cause I made you feel like you were not
loved, cause you are. So can you forgive me?"I felt child model topist lolita tears well up in my eyes, I just couldn't believe it, I had the most
wonderful parents in the world. "Oh dad, of course." Then me and him hugged
for a few minutes before we both went to bed. That night, I didn't have a
single dream, which is odd for me. I guess I didn't have a worry in the
world, if I died today, I would be happy.The next morning, I promised to meet with Neil and Percy, to discuss about
Percy's dad. I brought Aaron with me too, and we chatted on the way to the
park."So, your dad underage preteen lolita nudists is ok with this. With you being gay and all?""Yeah, he is. It turns out that my uncle, the one who died in the air
force, was gay as well.""Wow, this is great.""Yeah, it is." Then we arrived at the park, and saw Percy and Neil cuddling
on one of the slides. It also looks like they are making out, yeah, they
are definitely making out."Hey you two, get a room." They both shot up, and turned a little red. Then
we all started laughing. They are so cute together."So, what's up guys?""Nothing much.""Cool, so what are we going to do about Percy's dad?""Well, we can't just go to the police, cause he has them wrapped around his
finger. We need some hard evidence to put him away for good.""Well, is there anything that you know Percy, that he keeps secret?""Well, he has a safe in his office, were he always keeps some kind of
ledger of the houses he sells.""What good could that do?""Well, I've been seeing the houses my dad sells to people. He gets these
crappy houses, makes them look nice and new for cheap, and sells them for a
lot of money. He makes them pay by cash only, and once he gets the money,
he's gone. So basically he steals people's money for dirt-cheap. I'm
positive that every record is in that ledger.""Great, so once we have the ledger, we can nail ygold lolita pedo russian him, and he's finished.""Yeah, but he keeps his safe pretty well guarded, and I don't even know the
password.""I have an idea about that, just trust me, I know what I'm doing."Neil then grabbed Percy's hand and squeezed it. "Don't worry, we'll get
him. He won't be able to hurt you again."So then I told them my plan, and they all agreed to it. I talked to Rachel,
so she could distract Wes, her boyfriend and Percy's brother. Then I had
Kylie go ask Mr. Elliot if he would like to buy some cookies. The boxes had
a black light substance on them, so that when he went to open the safe, he
would leave his fingerprints on the numbers he pushed. Tara then distracted
Mr. Elliot with her very skimpy outfit. She pretended to have car trouble,
while Percy and me went into his office to retrieve the ledger. Aaron and
Neil made sure the cameras were off, and were on radio in a van parked
across the street. We got into the office, and looked at the safe."Ok, there seem to be four numbers. We got a 1 a 0 a 2 and a 6." Then we
heard Aaron on the radio."Um ok. Does that mean anything to you Percy?""I don't know, it could be anything.""Well, just think. The numbers must have some sort of sentimental meaning
to him.""Well, it could be a birthday.""But there are only four numbers.""He must have pressed some more than once.""Damn, ok, let me try." We then heard Tara talking to Mr. Elliot, it
sounded like they were kind of close."Uh Aaron, you might want to hurry up.""Ok, just hold on. Ok try 11, 20, 61.""No, didn't work.""Damn.""Actually Mr. Elliot, I need you to help me with something else before you
back into your office.""Aaron, hurry, we don't have much time.""Wait!""What it is Percy?""His birthday. 11, 02, 62.""No, still didn't work.""Man, I was positive it would work.""Wait, try it backwards.""YES! Got it. Now lets get out of here.""Wait a second Mr. Elliot." We then heard Mr. Elliot heading towards his
office. We didn't know what to do. Then Percy showed me a secret exit,
through the vents. So Percy and me got into the vents, and escaped without
being seen."Man guys, that was close.""Yeah, but thanks to Percy, we made it.""Ok, lets see this ledger." Then we all opened it, and saw everything we
needed to see. It was all there, the clients, how much the house really
cost, and how much he sold it for. There were so many names, it seems he
had been doing this scam for a while. Mr. Elliot was my mom's biggest
competition, and now he wouldn't be anymore."So, are we going to turn this thing over to the police or what?"Percy then grabbed the ledger from Neil. "How about we do that
tomorrow. Lets go back to your house, shall we?" Then Percy kind of perked
his eyebrows up, I know what he's up to."You know, that's sounds like a good idea. Um, we see you guys lolita art picture nude later, ok,
bye." And with that, they got in the van and drove off pretty fast. I had
to smile, they are so cute together."And what about you stud?" I turned around to face Aaron. He was so hot,
especially with the sun on his face that way. He looked like an angel or
something."What about what?""Do you wanna go back to my house or yours?""Oh. How about yours, I don't think I've ever met your mom.""Good point, come on." Then we got into his car, and drove to his house. I
have to admit that I am a bit nervous, meeting his mom and all. I just hope
to god that she likes me.We soon arrived and Aaron's house, and it didn't look like anyone was
home. Thank god. It's not like I didn't want to meet his mom, I did, but I
wanted time alone with Aaron."Looks like mom isn't home. Oh well, no need for introductions then. Now we
can get down to business." We got into Aaron's house, and before lolita asian 12 years I could
take my coat off, Aaron jumped me. He started kissing my lips then my cheek
and then my whole face.I in turn kissed him back, slipping my tongue into his mouth. He like it,
cause he did the same, and our tongues wrestled with one another. We made
it upstairs, ripping each other's clothes off, and headed into Aaron's
room. By the time we hit the bed, we both were completely naked.We couldn't stop kissing each other, it's as if our lives depended on our
touching each other, non-stop. I found his hard pulsating cock, and
squeezed it. I could tell that his cock was already spewing precum, man he
was horny as hell, and so was I. I kissed my way down to his cock, and took
it into my mouth. It was really hot, which made me even hornier. Aaron
flipped me around so we were in a 69 position, and took my cock as well.I could feel Aaron sucking my cock with all his might; he was deep
throating it like there was no tomorrow. Every time he sucked my cock, I
let out a moan of pleasure, and then sucked his cock even harder. I could
tell that Aaron was trying to make me cum, but I wouldn't have that, so I
sucked him harder. He let out a loud moan, he really enjoyed that."Man Josh, you better stop before I cum.""Yeah, I'm about to cum too." Then an idea popped into my head. I had been
thinking about it for a while now, and I think I'm ready. "Hey Aaron.""Yeah.""I want you in me.""Really?""Yes, I've never wanted anyone inside me as much as I want you to be. Will
you, please?""You don't have to ask me twice." And with that we both got up, and I got
on my back. Aaron pulled some lube out of his side table by 12 yo lolitas incest
his bed, and
put some on his fingers.Then he non nude ukrainian lolitas slipped one finger in my hole, and began to fuck me, getting me
ready. It felt so good, and then he slipped two in, and then three. It felt
awesome, he was moving them back and forth, but I knew that his cock would
be a lot bigger. After a while he stopped, and put lube on his cock. Then
he inserted his cock slowly, he would stop for a while so I could adjust,
and then keep going. Before I knew it, his whole cock was in me, and it
felt good.He started moving in and out of my hole very slowly so as not to hurt
me. But then he started going at a faster pace."I'm not hurting you am I?""Oh hell no, this feels great."He picked up his pace a lot quicker now, oh man it felt like I was going to
explode."OH FUCK AARON! YEAH, FUCK ME GOOD. OH GOD, FUCK."He leaned down and kissed me passionately for like a minute, and continued
to fuck me even harder. I could feel my orgasm coming, I knew it was soon."Oh man, I'm gonna cum." And with that, I shot my load all over my stomach,
even up to my chin. It just coming, spew after spew, I was surprised there
was so much."OH FUCK JOSH." Then Aaron started cumming, right in my ass. Man it felt
good; I could russian lolita nude little
feel his cum filling up every inch of my ass. Then after he
was done, he collapsed on top of me, my cum was like glue keeping us
together. Then he pulled his cock out of me, and I could feel some of his
cumming dripping out of my hole. We were both so exhausted, so we just fell
asleep like that, with me in Aaron's arm, covered in cum. Once again, I
knew that my life was finally perfect, nothing could go wrong.I awoke the next morning, and saw that Aaron was still sound asleep. I
looked at the clock, and it said 8 a.m., so I got up, and got dressed. I
gave Aaron a kiss on his forehead, and headed home. I got downstairs and
saw his mom; I didn't know what to do, so I just froze. She was reading the
paper, so I don't think she saw me. I tried to make it past her, but she
must have heard, cause she put down the paper."Oh, hi. You must be Josh, the boy that Aaron keeps talking about?""Um, yeah, it's nice to meet you Mrs. Patrick.""It's actually Ms. Field, I'm not married anymore.""Oh, ok. Sorry about spending the night. I don't know if you're ok with
that.""Oh, no need to be sorry. I'm just glad to see Aaron actually smiling. It's
been a while since he's done that. Ever since his father abandoned him and
me, he's been kind of down. But ever since he's met you, he's been the
happiest I've seen him. So thank you Josh, and you are welcome over here
anytime ok?""Ok Ms. Field.""And call be Barbara for heaven's sake. I don't want to feel like an old
maid or something.""Ok Barbara, bye.""You're not going to stay for breakfast?""Um, no thanks. little red loli com I probably should be heading home, but thanks anyways.""Ok, bye Josh."I started heading home; Aaron's house wasn't that far from mine, so I could
easily walk there. I finally got home, and I didn't see any of my parent's
cars there, they must be at work or something.I walked into the house on cloud nine; I just had sex with Aaron. I have
given all of myself to him, and I couldn't be happier. As I walked past my
sister's room, I heard her in there. It wasn't the usual sound, her
snoring, but it was sad. I think it was crying, so I went in. I looked at
her bed and noticed that the sheets were in the trashcan, that's kind of
weird.I heard her in her bathroom, so I walked in. There she was, sitting on the
toilet, crying."Rachel, are you ok?""What? Oh hey Josh, yeah, I'm fine. Just that time of the month, ok?""Where are mom and dad?""Oh, um they're gone for the weekend. Something about getting away so they
could spend some time alone.""Are you sure your ok, you don't look it?""I said I'm fine, ok?""Ok, but I think I should call Wes.""NO! I mean, you don't need to bother him with something so stupid.""Wait, is it him, Wes?""Don't be stupid, this lolita asian 12 years has nothing to do with Wes?""Are you sure, cause it doesn't seem that way. Just tell me."Rachel went into her room, and sat in her big fluffy chair. She stared at
the ground for a while, and then put her gaze on me."Ok Josh. So anyways, Wes and I went to a movie, and it was great. After
the movie, I suggested that we come back her, since mom and dad are
gone. So we had some food, and then watched some TV. We came to my room,
and started making out." She paused for a moment, almost as if she was
giving it some kind of dramatic effect. "After a while, he got kind of
aggressive. He wanted to go further, but I told him no. I wasn't ready and
that he needed to respect that. But he wasn't taking no for an
answer. So...he..." She broke off, and started crying."Rachel, he didn't...rape you, did he?"She shook her head yes. Oh crap, what the hell is going on. I thought my
life was perfect, and now this happens. But I wasn't going to let this
creep get away with this, not after it happened to me. I just had no idea
how I was going to do it.To be europe teen lolita nude continued...Hey guys, sorry for the late, late, late submission, but I've been
vacationing in the Outerbanks. Now I'm back though, hope you didn't miss me
too bad. I'll try and hammer out the last two chapters for you guys, so you
don't wait too long. I hope you guys had a good Thanksgiving, I know I
did. And also I appreciate feedback, just send it to Lafiat16yahoo.com,
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